Holmdel A.R.I.S.E.

Advocating Rights In Special Education

Holmdel Team Unify
Team Unify is an after school club with the aim of creating friendships and unifying all peers both in structured club activities and in their daily social interactions.

Here is a video about the Holmdel High School student led group called Team Unify. They do various activities throughout the year to promote friendship and understanding between all students. 

Here is a video from Special Olympics called Champions Together:

Here's a comparison of 3 different Unified Sports 

Excerpt from the Patch: 
  • Team Unify held Disability Awareness Fairs at the High School on March 26, 2014; Satz on March 20, 2014; and will hold one at Indian Hill on March 31, 2014. Students from each school visited booths that gave information as well as simulations of different disabilities. They are doing this in an effort to raise awareness about a variety of different disabilities.  They want the students to gain an understanding of and empathy for what it is like to have a disability at the same time educating them on the gifts that each and every person possesses regardless of their disability.  Students participate at a variety of different booths such as Epilepsy, Down Syndrome, Autism and Visual Impairments.  At the Epilepsy booth our own student read his book "Will & Potter, The story of a young man and his best friend and seizure dog” with Potter by his side.  He also soke about the effects Epilepsy has had on his life.  At the Visual Impairment booth students wear visual simulation glasses and are asked to identify everyday things and read everyday texts.  They discuss how it would feel to live like that on a daily basis. At the Down Syndrome booth a senior student and president of Team Unify, spoke about Down Syndrome and some of the myths associated with it. She relays experiences of her brother who has Down Syndrome. Out of this comes a respect and empathy for those living with these disabilities and an increased awareness throughout the school community that will unite all students.